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“Loved this book!” – “The Prince: A Crown and Dagger Book Three: (The Never Lands Saga) by Andi Lawrencovna


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It’s time. Within a year the Prince must die, or he and his people and his kingdom will survive uncontested. Within a year, but there are those already on the move, already lying in wait to fulfill fate. Reports of a mercenary army have begun to spread throughout the land. Soldiers have been called to prepare for war and captains have been summoned to lead them. Spies have been sent forth to gather information. Assassins have been requisitioned to hunt out those meant to die.
And princes have been sent to hide deep within the woods.
Kit can’t help looking around every corner for his Captain far away on her own mission. Perhaps he should look harder for the trees hide more secrets than just the elves of the forest.
How long can you hide from your enemies find you? How long can you lie before the truth sets you free? And who will find you when the smoke clears, and you’re safe once more?
How much can you endure before you can’t bear the burden of prophecy anymore?
Once upon a time…
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Andi Lawrencovna lives in a small town in Northeast Ohio where she was born and raised. She writes Fantasy with a twist, un-Happily-Ever-After-ing as many fairy tales as she can. And she’s not averse to looking at the odd nursery rhyme or ten when the mood strikes. Her Never Lands series is currently enamored with an ash-covered assassin and a prince who’s not in the highest of towers. From ogres spouting poetry to princesses toting swords, Andi’s stories aren’t quite like you remember.
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5-star review
Loved this book!
What an ending to a great story! While there are a few things about The Prince that I didn’t care for, the book is an absolute must-read. Emotions run that gamut in this last book about Kit and Eli. From love and loss to desperation and anguish, to anger and heartbreak. It’s all there. The reader feels it! One of my few suggestions, or criticisms, would be that, while that actual villain didn’t come as a real surprise to me, he should have paid a lot more dearly in the form of some sort of public display! Also, she uses a little bit of language in this one book that is really unnecessary, in my opinion. But neither of these really affects whether or not I would recommend this book or the entire series to anyone!
Lawrencovna’s characters are well developed and personal. I truly love her writing style. All three books are emotional, and you really feel for her characters. But this last one was something else. Yes, I did cry…more than once, but it’s a perfect ending to a well written re-imagined telling of Ella and Prince Charming. I’ll be looking forward to reading more from Lawrencovna!
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Andi the prince

“The Prince: A Crown and
Dagger Book Three”

(The Never Lands Saga)
by Andi Lawrencovna
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