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“It was a pleasure to read and I can’t wait for more.” – The Truth Inside (New Beginnings Book 1) By Trish Edmisten – Plus, a Blurb Blitz Feb. 12-Mar. 2!

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5-star reviewRebecca
As someone with multiple transgender friends, I felt Trish truly captured the internal struggles of a trans man years post-transition. Trish is a master at dialogue, the conversations between characters felt natural and not forced to push the plot. I also think EACH character had their own distinct voice. It was a pleasure to read and I can’t wait for more.
About the author
Trish Edmisten is the author of several novels, including Extraordinary Will, a Reader Views Literary Award Winner. Her work has appeared in Writer’s Journal, Creative With Words and A Long Story Short. Besides being an author, she holds a degree in criminology. Trish lives in Fresno, California with her husband and their two daughters. To learn more about Trish, visit her website You can also follow her on Twitter, @trishthewriter and be sure you follow her blog
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Trish The Truth Inside   New Beginnings Book 1.jpg
“The Truth Inside”
(New Beginnings Book 1)
By Trish Edmisten

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5-star review
Dark Angel is book 2 of the A Summer Spirit series by Samantha Jacobey. It continues the story of Charlie and Clarisse/Donna.
After an accident on a cruise ship, Donna body is inhabited by Clarisse. Only Clarisse doesn’t know she’s not Donna at first but instead slowly becomes aware of who and what she is/was. She is also made aware of the fact that she has put Charlie and those she loves in danger due to her actions. The only way to save them all is for her to die again.
How will Charlie react to finding out who she really is? Will she tell him everything? How do you tell the man you love that you have to die so that he can stay living?
These books are really good. They are full of the Fates, Keepers, Angels both light and dark angels, love, and Destiny. The story is well written and will bring you to tears with how much these two people love each other and the depths they will go to be together and save each other. I highly recommend this awesome series. Get your books now and see for yourself how good they are.
About the author
Anyone who knows me could tell you, I am a friendly kind of person, never met a stranger and take up conversations anywhere at any time. I work hard, and my mind never seems to shut down, as I wake up often in the middle of the night with ideas pouring out and demanding to be dealt with. Of course, that means much of my books were written in the middle of the night.
I grew up and still live in the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, where we have warm weather and a central location. I love my state, my town, and my family, which includes my four sons, my significant other, and many friends as well.
I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the books that are currently available and hope you will enjoy reading them just as much. And of course, there will be many more stories to come.line-8
Sam dark angel

“Dark Angel” 

(Summer Spirit
Novellas, Book 2) 

by Samantha Jacobey
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“THIS ONE IS RYANNE’S BEST!” – “Effection” (PlayNISE Series) by Ryanne Anthony

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Escaping her drug-addicted mother to the comfort of a better life with her paternal grandparents, Kaia worked her way through college and became a success before the age of thirty. Along the way, she fell for Bobby E., lead singer of the rock band, Stone End. Knowing he only saw her as a kid sister, she turned her energy toward achieving success.
Filled with tension and stress and needing to relinquish control, Kaia takes a vacation for a month and answers a job ad for an assistant to Martin, who she finds out is a Dominant, for a month. She never sees his face, and after a rough patch, in the beginning, Kaia enjoys every moment she spends with Martin.
After being released as Martin’s submissive, Kaia discovers Bobby felt the same as she did but can love alone keep them together? Kaia wants Bobby, but she needs what Dominant Martin gave her and soon wonders if she and Bobby were ever really meant to be, especially after tension and stress take her over, again.
Lady McReader
I loved everything about this one, and I want more! There’s a huge surprise in here that I WON’T spoil but it shocked everything in me to read it. I had no clue this book was going there. Kaia and Martin and Bobby are the perfect triangle. That Martin needed. His ass whipped for his mess! Bobby was on my bad list for a minute, but he pulled it in. The part where she confesses something to Bobby had me confused, but soon I realized that she did do something horrible to him first. It took me a second because I can be thick at times but yeah, I saw her wrongdoings too. This is a great read, and I really have no clue why Ryanne Anthony isn’t more famous. Can’t wait for her next book!!!!!!!!
About the author
Hi! I’m Ryanne Anthony, and I’m a woman.You want more? Okay, okay. I really don’t like writing about myself (go figure) but here we go…
I’m a wife and the mother of two children that sometimes make me want to pull my hair out of my head, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They are mine, and I made them, carried them and lost what little shape I had doing that. 😉
I am a semi-new author that decided after having several careers, I would listen to what my mind was telling me and write. So I did, and I named my first book ‘Mariah.’ Then I chickened out and put it away. Then I saw a face that made me want to try it again. So I did. I pulled Mariah out, revamped her and was happy with what I did. Then I chickened out again, put her away but this time, I wrote another book and called that ‘Broken: Book One of the M Series.’ I let some people read that, and several said ‘loved it!’ Some said, ‘wow, I need to read that again!’ And yes, some said, ‘confusing as H and I have no idea what to do with this!’ I say, bear with it, it’s worth getting to know Mariah, Marcus, Matthew, Madison, Monica, Major and the rest of the M Series characters.
Now, there are eight in that series. I’m proud of them all; proud of everything I have written.
My goals in writing are to make my reader laugh, gasp, scream, yell, get angry, cry and nod. At the end of every story, I want them to THINK on what I’ve written, identify on a storyline or two. Every book, I try to do that. I want to entertain you, to not regret spending time ‘inside my head.’
I love reviews, even if you just star it, so please give an author a solid and review! Review! Review! Please!
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(PlayNISE Series)
by Ryanne Anthony
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“Absolutely Fantastic!” – “Into the Wilderness” (The Wilderness Series, Book #2) by Pamela Ackerson

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5-star review
 Absolutely Fantastic!
By Cinderella 7
I loved this story so much! However, it ended way too soon, I wanted to see them reunite and help the people (Indians). Why couldn’t you have made it longer? Authors do this quite often, and it saddens me. But I will read this story over again often, you can count on that. Any who read this wonderful story needs first to read the first book in the Wilderness series. If you don’t, you will miss so very much that will help you understand book 2. Enjoy reading both as I have.
About the author
Wife, mother, author, and time traveling adventurer. Born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life, Pamela Ackerson now lives on the Space Coast of Florida, a hop, skip, and jump from Orlando, where imagination and fantasy abounds. Pam started at a young age, creating children’s stories to entertain her younger brother, then carrying those stories on to her own children. With the love of reading romance, she graduated to writing non-fiction, historical fiction, time travel, and children’s preschool/first reader books.
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“Into the Wilderness” 
(The Wilderness Series,
Book #2)

by Pamela Ackerson
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“Great short story by an author that knows the genre.” – “JETTISON!” by Michael Bussa

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4 star review
P.S. Winn
Great short story by an author that knows the genre
Michael Bussa does an amazing job at writing short stories. I have read several of them and always find the stories roam around in my mind long after the last page is closed. This tale is intriguing, and I found the President, a man who demands loyalty and has a secret agenda, strangely familiar. However, this story takes place in the sixties, not the present, but no matter the timing, a wrong man elected will always happen. The premise of the story is interesting and one I am sure a lot of leaders have thought about. I would have liked this short story to be a bit longer because it feels more like a novel than the author’s usual twisted ending stories, but that said, this is one to grab and savor.
About the author
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by Michael Bussa
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“So much fun!” – “Keeping the Upper Paw” by Marta Moran Bishop

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4 star review
helen diessner
So much fun!
I just finished reading, “Keeping the Upper Paw A Cat’s Guide To Training Your Human” by Patricia Moran. What a cute book! This fun book is written from the perspective of a houseful of cats, each lending his or her own tips to training their owners. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle, and currently priced at the low price of $.99! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Get this book, read the cats’ comments and see if you can recognize your own feline friend in the contents!
About the author
Marta Moran Bishop is the product of three generations of women writers. Their legacy to her was an inquisitive mind and a joy of writing and reading. She reads to children and adults alike taking her books from children’s classes to senior centers.
Her first book, Wee Three: A Mothers Love In Verse, a children’s poetry book, illustrated by Hazel Mitchell, was a collaborative effort and a labor of love. She took the short, sweet verses her grandmother wrote in the nineteen thirty’s for her children and expanded those and added additional verses of her own.
Ms. Bishop is a prolific and versatile writer, she currently has two children’s poetry books, Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal, which is based on the true story of her rescue foal and written from his point of view and is enjoyed by both children and adults alike.
Her novel The Between Times, tells the story of a bleak world, where society consists of the poor and the rich, and the poor live in squalor, with only a prophecy for hope of a better future. It has a touch of paranormal in its pages.
She has written three adult poetry books and a variety of fantasy and paranormal stories. A few of them are stories that her mother wrote over forty years ago and she finished while others are new and vibrant stories.
She states “I learned that one needed to have a plot and conversation to move the story forward from a particularly bad play I wrote at the age of six. It was the worst play ever written or performed. It was so awful my mother stopped the production after about three minutes.”
She currently lives on a small farm in Massachusetts with her husband, three horses, cats and a conure parrot named Beau. They help her remember to view the world through a child’s innocence and keep her young and imaginative.
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Marta Keeping The Upper Paw The Cats Guide to Training Your Human

“Keeping the Upper Paw
A Cat’s Guide to
Training Your Human”

by Marta Moran Bishop
and Patricia Moran
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