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Writer's Sanctuary: One Night inDaytona Beach: 17 in Tirgearr Publish...

Writer's Sanctuary:
One Night inDaytona Beach: 17 in Tirgearr Publish...
: One Night in Daytona Beach: 17 in Tirgearr Publishing's City Nights Series by Dellani Oakes He hadn't seen her in 10 year...

Writer's Sanctuary: Primed for Revenge: Sydney Jones Novel Series by C...

Writer's Sanctuary: Primed for Revenge: Sydney Jones Novel Series by C...: Practicing law in a large partnership, Sydney Jones was primed for making partner. Then her life turned upside down after a disagree...

Writer's Sanctuary: True Beginnings by Amanda Mackey

Writer's Sanctuary: True Beginnings by Amanda Mackey: I’m addicted to it. War, battle—the thrill of being in mortal combat and constant danger. Not knowing whether I’ll still be breathin...

Writer's Sanctuary: Demon's Destiny, book one of the Dark City Guardia...

Writer's Sanctuary: Demon's Destiny, book one of the Dark City Guardia...: Demon's Destiny is book one of the Dark City Guardians. Garrett Duex Sabres is handsome, wealthy, brilliant and a demon with a...

Writer's Sanctuary: Curl Up with a Good Book ~ From Sea to Sea by Neld...

Writer's Sanctuary: Curl Up with a Good Book ~ From Sea to Sea by Neld...: From a three-week voyage of more than 7000 miles from New Orleans to Buenos Aires in 1964 through an eight-day, 3258-mile round-trip driv...

NEW FROM TRISH EDMISTEN – Ride or Die (Nice Ink Book 2) – Pre-order now! – #GayFiction, #GayRomance, #LGBTRomance

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#romanceauthor #contemporary romance #romancewriter #newadultromance
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Flynn Murphy doesn’t need a man, especially not the cocky and confident Derek Nice. So what if Derek is a cop? Flynn learned a long time ago that just because someone is supposed to do the right thing doesn’t mean he will. Trusting someone is a mistake he’s never repeating again.
Derek isn’t worried that Flynn isn’t letting him get close yet. All Derek needs is one chance to show Flynn how good they can be together. And he’s not stopping until he gets it.
This is a 78K word story with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.
Trigger Warning: This story deals with childhood sexual abuse. All instances occur off page but are discussed in detail by the MC.
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Trish ride or die

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A Viral Dawn author takeover party in a group called Reanimated Writers Zombie Fiction Fan Group on Facebook.



VOICES IN MY HEAD AT AMAZONhttps://www.amazon.com/Voices-Head-Susan-Lynn-Solomon-ebook/dp/B01FURPIZE/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=VOICES+IN+MY+HEAD+SUSAN+LYNN+SOLOMON&qid=1556466596&s=digital-text&sr=1-1-fkmrnull

Indelible (A New Life Book, 5) by Samantha Jacobey – #Action&Adventure, #Mystery, #Thriller, #Suspense

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#Thriller #Suspense #DarkRead #DarkRomance #SamJac
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Tori Farrell’s path has been a long one. She was raised by a Motorcycle Gang called the Dragons, trained as an assassin, and lived by the sword in a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence, and murder. She made her escape and even successfully thwarted a second attempt to draw her back in.
Returning to her safe new life, Tori faces unforeseen challenges, as the discovery of her Rock Star relation, Brian Madson, gives way to the desire to have the life she was born to live. Haunted by fear, and caught in a fierce battle between her husband and brother, she must learn to accept her dark past and face her future boldly. The FBI and The Organization still linger in the shadows, and time is creeping forward, pushing her to choose. Which path will she take, and where will it lead, when she is forced to decide between destiny and fate…
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Sassy Southern Book Blog Review
By b1ond1e25
Indelible by Samantha Jacobey is the fifth book in The New Life Series. This book picks up where Exposed left off. Tori has been trying to settle into her new life. She now has Michael by her side, and some of the questions from her past have been answered. This now brings a new set of problems for Tori. She now has a brother that is a rock star, and he has seen her play the guitar and wants her to join the band. But Tori’s fears keep her from seeing how good she really is. Michael just wants things to go back to the way they were. She wants to settle down and have a normal life since she was robbed of one as a child. But just when you think things are going good, she is thrown into yet another set of problems. Can Tori and Michael’s relationship really last when she gets unexpected news that someone from her past is in needs her help? I have loved this whole series so far and can’t wait to see what Samantha has in store for the next book.
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Coming in May: Summer: Book VI of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

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#contemporary, #romance, #interracial, #multicultural, #indieauthor, #indiepromo, #authorpromo
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Natalia Wilde had a mother at who the devil himself would shake his head… Anitra Wilde feigned illnesses for Natalia in order to take advantage of kind strangers and businesses, for her own personal greed, and forced her daughter to endure treatment after treatment, until her accomplices turned on her to save themselves. Natalia’s world crumbled when she discovered all her mother’s schemes, but, with the help of therapy, she survived it all, and denounced her imprisoned mother. A natural survivor, Natalia graduates from college, and soon after, is installed in the Chicago Public School system, and loves her true, close, and protective friends Charise, her college dormmate, and her husband, Camden. Having dinner in Eliza’s Homestyle Diner, Natalia encounters Elijah Timmons, a precocious, motherless nine-year-old, who instantly steals her heart and every minute of her free time. Natalia also finds love with the diner’s handsome owner, and a connection to young Elijah she never thought possible.
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What if you treated others the way you’d like to be treated? What if everyone did that? What kind of world could there be?

THE GOLDEN RULE BY Sherrill S. Cannonhttps://www.amazon.com/Golden-Rule-Sherrill-S-Cannon-ebook/dp/B01D0XY91O/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=THE+GOLDEN+RULE+SHERRILL+S.+CANNON&qid=1556464798&s=digital-text&sr=1-1-catcorr

Be More Successful with Marketing and AdvertiZING by Pamela Ackerson – #Advertising, #Creativity, #Self-Help

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Have you run out of ideas? Hit a plateau in your sales? Are you banging your head trying to come up with marketing and advertising techniques that will get those sales started again?
Focused mainly on authors and anyone in the publishing industry, there’s an abundance of information that can be utilized to increase exposure. It’s a Call-to-Action and is specially written to help you move into a positive forward motion. There are ideas and techniques that can be taken advantage of before you finish reading.
Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get your creative juices flowing and release all those ideas that are rolling around, begging to get out. It’ll help you with the basic principles to build an effective marketing plan and be more successful. Get a fresh insight and understanding of how to reach your goals, get your momentum going, and build the following you need to succeed.
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Rebecca Andrews
Thanks for the wonderful information
Pamela Ackerson’s book was spot on and full of thought-provoking, honest ways to market your book.
I want to thank her for taking the time to put this together. This is one resource I will use as I begin my own marketing journey.
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Lettie’s Plight by Michael Bussa – #Mystery, #Thriller, #Suspense

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Born in the Victorian era, in the slums of Bethnal Green, Lettie vowed never to follow in her mother’s dismal footsteps — even if it killed her!
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wayne hammond
Lettie’s Plight will not disappoint you. Settings are always researched and blend with …
If you are familiar with Michael Bussa’s writing, Lettie’s Plight will not disappoint you. Settings are always researched and blend with the story. This story is early Victorian set in England, following the life of a young, poor girl. I won’t spoil the story – but it has its share of twists to keep your attention to the end.
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Mike Lettie's Plight

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