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“Great addition to the overall storyline/universe” – “His Soul to Save” (The Dark Knights of Heaven Book 3) by TW Knight

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5-star review
Great addition to the overall storyline/universe
Another great installment in the Dark Knights of Heaven. While the book could stand on its own, I strongly recommend reading it after the previous two. It really does help put all of the pieces of the puzzle in the right places since there are a lot of plot points that tie to the previous books. It’s one of the traits of the series I love. Everything ties together. No characters ever really leave once they’ve had their chance to shine.
Overall, this is my favorite Knight by far. I am a sucker for a tortured soul and the fact that Zach is also incredibly smart, caring and wears glasses just makes him even more lovable. I spent a good part of the book wanting to do nothing but hug him.
Amber is a fantastic heroine. The way she’s introduced to everything and how she reacts is that of a new reader to the series. To me, it seems like Amber is the woman I’d be if in that same situation. She’s strong, caring and stubborn. She refuses to be left out of her own life any longer. Love a strong female lead, and you’ll love her.
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“His Soul to Save”
(The Dark Knights of Heaven Book 3)
by TW Knight
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A Heartwarming Story in time for Christmas – “Christmas Candy” (Sweet Christmas Series Book 1) by Samantha Jacobey

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5-star review
A Heartwarming Story in time for Christmas
By Carol Cassada
Candice Parker aka Candy is a single mother to a boy named Dakota, who has disabilities. Candy lives with her mother in an apartment and works the night shift at a convenience store to support her family. While working, she meets firefighter Gary Ford, despite his handsome looks, Candy is afraid to get involved due to his dangerous job and memories of her policeman father, who was killed when she was a child. When Candy’s home catches fire, and she loses everything, Gary comes to her rescue by offering a helping hand. Will Candy accept his help? Will she realize Gary is the right man for her?
I’m a fan of Christmas stories, and this is one of the best holiday stories I’ve read. I loved Gary; he’s everything a woman looks for in a hero. Not only is he good looking, but he has a kind heart, which shows how he helps Candy and how he becomes a father figure to her son. What won me over with Gary is how nice he was to Candy, even though sometimes she could be rude.
Candy, at times she did come across rude to Gary, but after what she’s been through in her life and the losses she’s suffering, you understand why she behaves the way she does. Even though she’s hesitant in getting involved with Gary, you want her to take a chance and find the happiness she deserves.
If you’re like me and love to read heartwarming, holiday romances, I suggest you check out Christmas Candy.
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“Christmas Candy”
(Sweet Christmas Series Book 1) 
by Samantha Jacobey
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“Mine: Book 3 of the PlayNISE Series” by Ryanne Anthony will be available January 19, 2018


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Elementary school teacher Candiss Ford thought to choose to date a rock star was insane; she believed every cliché attached to them. Then she met Eclipse lead singer NiXX Williams, and he made her change mind.
After proposing to Candiss, NiXX meets a fan; an up-and-coming model named Farren Wade. What Farren offers the rocker is too tempting for him to resist.
When Candiss learns of the relationship between her fiancĂ© and the model, she ends with NiXX, and he has to decide which woman he wants to call ‘Mine.’

“Exciting and informational book.” – “Wilderness Bound” (The Wilderness Series Book 3) by Pamela Ackerson

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5-star review
Exciting and informational book.
By Brenda
I really liked the time travel element and the decisions that were made for both centuries in mind. The facts and the fictions were intermingled to give life to all concepts.A great read for those interested in the western interested reader.
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“Wilderness Bound”
(The Wilderness Series, Book #3)
by Pamela Ackerson
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Great short story, that will stay with you – “Float: by Michael Bussa

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5-star review
Great short story, that will stay with you
For such a short story this is an intense and wonderful story. Remy has lost Calder. Now she is confused and dreading the memory of him, or is it just a memory? This story has a great twisted ending that delves into the supernatural and looks at what could only be called Karma, when Gates, a man who isn’t the nicest of people gets paid back for his shifty dealings. I think the author did a terrific job with this story. Short stories are hard to write and make the few pages feel like a long story, the author has done that and more.

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by Michael Bussa
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“Is this future possible?” A 5-Star Review for “The Between Times” by Marta Moran Bishop

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“The Between Times” 

(Jewell in the Dark, Book 2)by Marta Moran Bishop
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The most amazing book I have ever read! – “Blood Master” (Book 1 of the G.O.D.S Series) by Kirsten Campbell

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Blood Master Book 1
By Sharath C Babu
The most amazing book I have ever read!
It’s a perfect book looking into future, I was thrilled to bits when I read about Griffin transforming into G.O.D.
Though Lerin seems to be far more advanced in technology and telepathically he seems to be more humble and wants Griffin to be the savior.
Most probably he wants the way it has been prophesied.
The curiosity of mine has increased and can’t wait for the next one to find out what really happens as Griffin had a vision about Dean becoming an instrumental in final destruction. In chapter 21 he did see the vision, but still, Griffin did depend on Dean and to divulge all his feelings and ongoing transformation within himself. I am curious to know what Griffin’s plan of action is. Can’t wait…
Of all the personality Tassta takes ranks the best. It’s my feeling that she is the ultimate female for the mankind with all the womanly virtues and still totally independent. Her greatest sacrifice is when she decided that she is ready to go along with whatever the future holds for her with Griffin even after knowing all his drawbacks when he divulges all his problems, but she decides that she will help him all the way. That’s the real love of a woman.
I admire Penn’s love for his sister and ready to risk everything for her. And his devoted friendship to Griffin.
All in all, I can’t wait to see how all this will take shape in building the future.
My congrats to the author who has the vision of Lerin, the power of Griffin, unfathomable love of Tassta, Curiosity, and adventure of Penn.
Kirsten Blood Master

“Blood Master”
(Book 1 of the
G.O.D.S Series)

by Kirsten Campbell
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“Stellar” by Kevin Hollingsworth will be available in January!

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Get these four books by Author Karen Vaughan to read in the new year!

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Wonderful book! Love the connection to nature!!!! -“Grandma, Me and Tree” by Jerry Pociask

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5-star review
One of the things I enjoyed most about this book was the connection to nature and how it speaks to and through us. As a child, we used to spend our summers visiting my grandparents, who lived on a lake, and this immediately conjured up the time we spent together walking along the water’s edge, searching for frogs, watching ducks and skipping stones. These are memories and life lessons never forgotten. Now my parents have the lake house and are creating the same memories with my kids. I’ll be purchasing a hard copy in addition to my Kindle version to give to my parents! Great read!

Jerry Grandma me and tree

“Grandma, Me and Tree”
by Jerry Pociask
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