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“This story enchants as it unfolds!” – “Rendered” (The Irrevocable Series, Book 1) by Samantha Jacobey

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This story enchants as it unfolds!
By Lori Lazzara
This is a fantastic book! After Bailey’s parents died, she and her two brothers were swept away from everything they know and moved to a small town with her Uncle. Bailey is homesick, unhappy and suspicious of her Uncle and The Ranch he and her brothers visited. The story keeps you guessing as to what is going on at the ranch. During the summer, they all pack up and head out. Bailey finds out that she is not welcome there, and her uncle advises her to do as she’s told and keep working. There are so many secrets! Bailey is faced with a decision and……you’ll have to get the book to see what happens!
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(The Irrevocable
Series, Book 1)

by Samantha Jacobey
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It’s available! – “Mine: Book 3 of the PlayNISE Series” by Ryanne Anthony

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Infidelity, partying, and drugs was a musician’s mandatory lifestyle.
Candiss Ford thought dating a rock star was insane; she believed every clichĂ© attached to them. Then she met Eclipse lead singer NiXX Williams…
After proposing to Candiss, NiXX meets an aspiring model named Farren Wade, who offers the rocker something too tempting for him to resist.
During a chance meeting, Candiss learns of the relationship between her fiancĂ© and the model. Thinking that’s a typical, inevitable occurrence in NiXX’s circle -rockers and models coupling- she decides she’d rather feel the heartache now, and sets NiXX free to be with the woman she believed he preferred: the lovely Farren. NiXX is left wondering if he’ll ever call the woman he loved, MINE.
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Ryanne Mine

“Mine: Book 3 of the PlayNISE Series”
by Ryanne Anthony
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“Great book my little ones could read for themselves!!” – “The Long and Little Doggie” by Pamela Ackerson

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Great book my little ones could read for themselves!!
Loved this book. Easy for my level 2 reader to read in a cinch. 5 stars for sure. Will buy more
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“The Long and Little Doggie”
(A Granny Pants Story,
Book 1)

by Pamela Ackerson
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“Thriller that is hard to put down.” – “Splinter” by Michael Bussa

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Susan Herold
Thriller that is hard to put down.
Splinter is an excellent short story mystery that you think you are predicting the ending but has a surprise twist.
Well written and keeps you reading. My kind of reading as I don’t have time for 5 chapters of slow-moving character development.
However, the author does a great job being efficient with his words and setting the scenes and characters as I could picture each character and the places they interacted with ease.
I am looking forward to reading more from Michael Bussa.
Whose stories, readers are going to love.

by Michael Bussa
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“Rings supernatural story-lovers’ chimes” – “The Void” by Marta Moran Bishop

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Rings supernatural story-lovers’ chimes
By Dodester
This story is reminiscent of the old Twilight Zone episodes, reminding me of the reason they were fascinating. It was the author’s portrayal of the characters’ psychical layers within the story that captured my interest.
When the dark moon-night phase is complete, a night with no moon – the void – occurs. Bad things happen to anyone caught outside during this time – it did to Helen, and she disappeared. Wrestling with her despair over a life of drudgery as an outcast, made worse by the loss of her sister, Altori makes a bold decision. Determined to discover the truth about Helen’s disappearance, she goes into the void for answers and risks the terrible ravages upon her body that will occur.
Altori’s choice is to stay the same – invisible and miserable or step into the void. To make a choice for change, she must transcend fears, trust in her intuition and go through a phase of pain. There is no guarantee she will survive much less discover the answers, the better life that she seeks.
The Void is a psychologically compelling story that integrates themes important for the transcendence of a person from a sense of littleness to one of confident self-worth. I enjoyed the paranormal element; it is the transformational, however, that made the story so interesting.
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by Marta Moran Bishop at:

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“5 glowing stars from me!” – “Blood Phase” (Book 2 of the G.O.D.’s Series) by Kirsten Campbell

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5-star review

5 glowing stars from me!
By Lon
Having eagerly read Blood Master, I simply had to read this story too, especially knowing how imaginative and emotional this author’s creative mind was likely to be. Her stories ooze with great insight into the dynamics between characters while her imagination is just at full throttle, adding so much essence to the plot.
The story is like a layered cake, with Griffin and Tassta’s romance simply added as a delicious icing on the top for me…my goodness, I swooned. But, the romantic part did not distract me from the suspenseful segments of the story.
Just like in the Blood Master, the characters in Blood Phase are well-established and easily refreshed my recall of them so clearly in my head. Almost as if I was in the story, I got so caught up in it, and I was compelled by my urges to read the story until I finished it, with the sun slowly peeking over the horizon in the morning.
I can’t wait to read the next sequel!!! I hope they make a movie of this story…Imagine watching it in 3D! *swoons*
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“Blood Phase”
(Book 2 of the
G.O.D.’s Series) 

by Kirsten Campbell
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“Daytona Dead Will Run You Off the Road!” – “Daytona Dead” (Laura & Gerry Mystery #3) by Karen Vaughan

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5-star review
Daytona Dead Will Run You Off the Road!
By Dellani Oakes
Laura Hamilton and Gerry Fitz are at it again – only this time these amateur sleuths are taking their act on the road and across the border – to America. These super Canadian crime fighters have finally tied the knot and have headed to Daytona Beach, Florida for some sun and fun – and murder.
Shortly after their arrival, the Fitz’s find themselves in a pickle. Someone left a body on the road, and they hit it with their car. When it turns out to be the dead body of Laura’s ex-husband, Lou, suspicion naturally falls on them. These two never do anything by half measures, and this time it’s no different. Join the Canadian couple as they track down the perpetrator of a series of hit and run killings.
Karen Vaughan’s newest book will thrill and delight you. Her unlikely pair of amateur sleuths has a nose for crime and a penchant for trouble. As always, Vaughan’s mystery is layered with humor and witty dialogue.
Of course, the setting is close to my heart. His is my hometown, folks! In fact, if you look closely, you might spot a familiar name on the pages of this snappy novel.
Karen always gives us a great villain and this time is no different. In fact, she has not just one, but two creepy crawlers after Laura and Gerry.
Killer T. Ford is a conceited, egotistical maniac with a history of violence and deceit. He will stop at nothing to keep himself out of prison, even if it means setting someone up to take the fall for his crime.
Dave Meechum is my favorite character. I don’t want to give spoilers, so I won’t explain exactly why – just know that he’s a man to watch.
Come to the sunny beaches of Daytona with Laura and Gerry, but watch out for vintage Chevys in dark alleys.
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3 Karen daytona dead“Daytona Dead”
(Laura & Gerry Mystery #3)
by Karen Vaughan
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Karen doa blurb“Dead on Arrival” 

(Laura and Gerry Mystery, Book 1)
by Karen Vaughan
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