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Writer's Sanctuary: Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Once an Angel: Hell wan...

Writer's Sanctuary: Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Once an Angel: Hell wan...: Angel turned Demon, Nathaniel has been sent to Earth to tarnish pure souls, then banish them to Hell so Lucifer may recruit them in...

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Writer's Sanctuary: Curl Up with a Good Book ~ The Ninja Tattoo by Del...: Teague McMurtry spent the last six years of his life in the Army. Finally having enough of killing, he comes home, thinking he'...

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Writer's Sanctuary: Curl Up with a Good Book ~ From Sea to Sea by Neld...: From a three-week voyage of more than 7000 miles from New Orleans to Buenos Aires in 1964 through an eight-day, 3258-mile round-tri...

Writer's Sanctuary: Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Demon's Destiny, book o...

Writer's Sanctuary: Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Demon's Destiny, book o...: Demon's Destiny is book one of the Dark City Guardians. Garrett Duex Sabres is handsome, wealthy, brilliant and a demon with ...

Slade’s life is irrevocably changed when an IED blast leaves him paralyzed from the waist down – Coming Back Broken (New Beginnings Book 3) by Trish Edmisten

trish coming back broken

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At the age of eighteen, Slade couldn’t wait to join the Army and get away from the boredom of small town living. Two years later, his life is irrevocably changed when an IED blast leaves him paralyzed from the waist down. Though he’s back in the one place he was determined to get away from, things could be worse. At least he’s got a good group of friends to help him out, and that will have to be enough. No woman wants to be stuck with a broken man. Then Mac comes crashing into his life, stirring up feelings that Slade never thought he would feel again. As much as he wants her, Slade can’t believe she feels the same. Will his insecurities keep them apart, or will Mac be able to convince Slade she loves him the way he is?
Author’s Note: Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. This is a 68K word novel with a guaranteed HEA.
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Elizabeth Agiantritis
Another great entry to the series
This book features characters from the previous two installments in the series but can be read as a standalone. One of the main characters, Slade, was introduced in the previous books, but Mac is a new character. Slade is in a wheelchair due to an injury suffered while in the Army and he also suffers from PTSD and has terrible nightmares. Because of this, he doesn’t believe he will ever find anyone that could love him. But then he meets Mac and starts to have hope that he too can find happiness. From the start, Mac is attracted to Slade and wants to be part of his life, but Slade worries she won’t be able to be with him once she realizes the difficulties she will face if they are in a relationship together. Will Slade overcome his fears or will he push Mac away?
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Determined to save her friends, she fights the living and the undead in her quest to survive. – Viral Dawn: (Viral Series Book 1) by Skyler Rankin

Skyler viral dawn

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What if your world changed in a split second, destroying everything you thought you knew and thrusting you into a world where your very survival depends on every move you make, every decision, and every step you take? Every. Move. Matters.
An explosion at the army depot unleashes a deadly cloud carrying a genetically engineered virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. High school senior, Casey Williams has taken refuge at the school with friends and others who managed to survive the blast and ensuing viral outbreak. They’re safe. For now. But supplies are running short, and tempers are running shorter as Casey realizes the time is coming they will need to get out. She is determined to lead her friends to safety only to discover that she’s led them into even greater danger. Determined to save her friends, she fights the living and the undead in her quest to survive.
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Jacqueline Rehrig
This was an awesome blend about surviving the start of the zombie apocalypse, with a kick-ass high school girl and her friends. The bad guys who started it and zombies what’s not to love
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Tori returns to her darker, diabolical alter-ego – Exposed (A New Life Book 4) by Samantha Jacobey

San exposed 10-15-18.jpg

#Thriller #Suspense #DarkRead #DarkRomance #SamJac
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A New Life Series is an epic adventure. TORI FARRELL’s life IS one wild story… escaped from a biker gang and running from drug lords… used by the FBI and hoping to protect her present from her past… IT’S DARK – IT’S BRUTAL, and it’s WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! (Mature read, 18+ for graphic sexual content and violence, including rape)
Line review
Candace ~ Book Addict Haven
Keeps Getting More Interesting!
I love this series. Why more people haven’t discovered this gem is beyond me. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you realize that the only thing you know is that you don’t know anything at all. The suspense is killing me! Non-stop action. Plot twists. Hot sex. What’s not to love?
Tori returns to her darker, diabolical alter-ego in this installment. If she didn’t seem to fall in love so frequently, I’d really think she was a sociopath incapable of feelings for others. While she seems to fall in love with numerous men, moving from one to the next without any break in between them, it seems to work for her character. Usually, this would be extremely off-putting for me and I’d quickly grow tired of the fickleness, giving up on the series. In this case, it just works and her feelings for each of these men feels genuine.
Maybe when the mystery is solved and this series has come to a close, Ms. Jacobey can do some sort of polygamist story where Tori gets to keep ALL of her men! I’m thinking it would be a nice change-up for the usual chauvinistic male-dominant polygamy storylines. Tori’s such a badass it would be believable. I’m thinking something reminiscent of HBO’s ‘Big Love’. Seriously, it would be awesome! Just think about it Ms. Jacobey. LOL. 😉
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March 3, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
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AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER – 99c/99p – When the Bough Breaks by Ryanne Anthony

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#contemporary, #romance, #interracial, #multicultural,
#indieauthor, #indiepromo, #authorpromo
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Finding her niche in the beauty world was a long road for Quanda Jarvis, until a world-famous actress changed that course for the better.
Soon after, Quanda eloped with personal security guard John Hudson, but John showed his wife he was not the man he presented himself to be.
John and Quanda divorced, and to Quanda, attorney Daniel Warner was seen for more than his expert legal advice. He quickly shows her she was never in love until she opened up to him.
Daniel was a handsome, successful man of faith, who took a vow of celibacy in college. He promised God he wouldn’t make love with another woman until marriage and had kept that promise for seventeen years.
Temptation plagues Daniel and Quanda, and it becomes a daily fight not to cave to the attraction, while John Hudson waits in the distance, plotting to keep them apart, and not only in bed. John has a need with Quanda and is determined to make her fulfill it.
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THE GOLDEN RULE Sherrill S. Cannon

September 18, 2016
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Jennifer has the uncanny knack of choosing the wrong men, every time – Out of the Wilderness (The Wilderness Series Book 5) by Pamela Ackerson

Pam out of the wilderness 2-28-18
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A marvelous and fantastic journey, enjoy little-known history crafted with original, brilliant, unforgettable moments, unforgettable characters, and an unforgettable adventure that will keep you shaking your head.
Karen Standing Deer’s daughter, Jennifer, knows exactly what she wants–to fall in love and marry a Native American just like her father and brother. Everyone else is immediately dismissed. Her friends and family keep telling her, the one you want could be right in front of her face.
Unfortunately, like watching a bolt of lightning hit the ground, there’s nothing that can be done about it. She has the uncanny knack of choosing the wrong men, every time.
Traveling to the past, with the belief that her one true love can’t be found this side of the millennium, she refuses to learn that she doesn’t have to go back to the past to find the one–she just needs to go back to the past to find her path.
Line review
Cinderella 7
Quite Interesting!
I enjoyed this book as much as the first four. It was filled with letters that I didn’t understand the meaning of, like DD for instance.
Jennifer was a very confused woman. I loved how she went back in time to help others but was disappointed that the story didn’t explain what happened to Jonathan. Did Jen teach him how to treat his future wife? I would have liked to know what happened to him and his family.
Then Jen and Taylor finally get to understand each other and poof … The story ends. I expected much more to the story.
Regardless I loved the story anyway, what there was of it. Are there any more books to the series?
Starr as Ruby Slippers
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City born and bred, Hart Stewart possesses the gift of psychometry—the psychic ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Since his mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Hart has endured homelessness, and has learned ways to keep his illiteracy under wraps. He eventually learns of a great-aunt living in Fairy Falls, and decides to leave the only life he’s ever known for an uncertain future.

Diana MacGregor lives in Fairy Falls. Her mother was a victim of a senseless murder. Only Diana’s unanswered questions and her grief keeps her going, until Hart finds her mother’s lost ring and becomes a witness to her murder.
Through Hart’s psychic power, Diana gains hope for justice. Their investigation leads them into the corrupt world threatening Fairy Falls. To secure the town’s future, Hart and Diana must join forces to uncover the shocking truth, or they risk losing the true essence of Fairy Falls forever.
Paperback: https://mirror-world-publishing.myshopify.com/collections/poetry/products/blackflies-and-blueberries-paperback
Ebook: https://mirror-world-publishing.myshopify.com/collections/poetry/products/blackflies-and-blueberries-ebook
AMAZON.COM: https://www.amazon.com/Blackflies-Blueberries-Mysterious-Tales-Fairy-ebook/dp/B07QNSPTXZ/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=Blackflies+and+Blueberries%2C+Book+2+Mysterious+Tales+from+Fairy+Falls&qid=1556120945&s=digital-text&sr=1-1-fkmrnull
AMAZON.CA: https://www.amazon.ca/Blackflies-Blueberries-Mysterious-Tales-Fairy-ebook/dp/B07QNSPTXZ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Blackflies+and+Blueberries+Sharon+Ledwith&qid=1556121723&s=books&sr=1-1-spell
KOBO: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/blackflies-and-blueberries?fbclid=IwAR1py8vOnjrspYikovN24p_q4HEsZdS9_7B7I709XnL19B9bRSam7bjiyvc
BARNES & NOBLE: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/blackflies-and-blueberries-sharon-ledwith/1131285253;jsessionid=81F5E6C1D887B7395D57CC397EED0D3F.prodny_store02-atgap04?ean=9781987976540&fbclid=IwAR38L3FGJhej5e7q42vtA6WfN1icY3bVE67qjTHqre416CgZhSyf243kuVY
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Calder made mistakes he would pay for, though he didn’t think it would be with his life – Float by Michael Bussa

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Line Blurb
Calder made mistakes he would pay for, though he didn’t think it would be with his life. He quickly learned that everything he believed about dying wasn’t true, after all.
From the author of The Peace of Pi, and Ending in V, comes a haunting new tale that will keep you turning the pages, to the unexpected ending.
Line review
Amazing Story!!
I loved it!! So captivating and breathtaking. It really drew me in and I would recommend this story to everyone.
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