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Fallen angels did not abandon their calling. “His Soul to Keep” by TW Knight

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Where fallen angels battle Hell’s demons, find their lost souls and discover love while hunting for a prophecy that holds the key to either their redemption or their destruction.
At twenty-eight, Cassidy Long is happy with her life. She has a job she loves, a great family, and future open to possibilities. That all changes after she discovers she is the vessel for the immortal soul of an angel cast out of Heaven, and the only way to break the bond is by her death. Spirited away, Cassidy finds herself in the middle of an eternal war and falling for her angel.
Rail is captivated by Cassidy immediately but fears it’s only the connection to his soul fueling his interest. He’s vowed to never fall in love, but fate has different plans. The more he fights his growing feelings, the deeper in love he falls. Cassidy not only holds his soul but his heart. Now, he will fight Heaven and Hell to protect her.
Heaven abandoned them, but they did not abandon their calling. Once they were the Watchers, teachers, and mentors to humankind. Now soulless and exiled from Heaven, forced into an endless war, some will fall while others rise to find their destinies. They are the Dark Knights of Heaven.
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“His Soul to Keep”
(The Dark Knights of Heaven
Book 1)

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“The Boyfriend Agreement: (YA High School Teen Romance)” (St. Mary’s Academy Book 1) by Seven Steps is now live on Amazon!

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When Bella French’s dream boy, Jake, asks her to go out with him to make his ex-girlfriend jealous, Bella does the unthinkable… she says yes. The rules are simple. Two weeks, no kissing, and a few white lies.
The problem is that she can’t stop thinking about her fake boyfriend’s twin brother, Cole. Can Bella get out of her fake relationship and fall into a real one without exposing her lies, or destroying her friendships?
Funny, smart, and wonderfully romantic, the Boyfriend Agreement is a tale of one girl’s journey to help her friends and find love, all without losing herself.
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You can find
“The Boyfriend Agreement: 
(YA High School Teen Romance)”
(St. Mary’s Academy Book 1) 
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Raised by bikers and held by the FBI, Tori Farrell has literally walked over dead men to get to where she is today – “Bound” (A New Life Book 2) by Samantha Jacobey

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#Thriller #Suspense #DarkRead #DarkRomance #SamJac
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Jaxen had his fun with the ladies, but when a certain one crossed his path, he Fell fast. – “FELL” (BOOK FINALE OF THE NEGATIVE ION SERIES) by Ryanne Anthony

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Women have always loved muscled, tatted drummer Jaxen Malloy of the rock group Negative Ion.
Jaxen had his fun with the ladies, but when a certain one crossed his path, he Fell fast. Kimber Forrest walked into his life after a night of hard partying, and he never saw her coming. He kept his feelings to himself for two years, only letting Kimber know of his want for her when it’s revealed Kimber had plans to leave their hometown of Hampton, possibly forever.
Soon, circumstances started piling up, one dire, that will keep him from following her to the West Coast. Lost, Jaxen cuts Kimber from his life.
After he lost Kimber, his bandmates, family, and friends are left wondering just how far did Jaxen go when he disappeared from everyone’s life.
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A new book to help authors coming Oct 2 – “Be More Successful with Marketing and AdvertiZING” by Pamela Ackerson

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#ASMSG, #iartg, #bookboost, #bynr
Have you run out of ideas? Hit a plateau in your sales? Are you banging your head trying to come up with marketing and advertising techniques that will get those sales started again?
Focused mainly on authors and anyone in the publishing industry, there’s an abundance of information that can be utilized to increase exposure. It’s a Call-to-Action and is specially written to help you move into a positive forward motion. There are ideas and techniques that can be taken advantage of before you finish reading.
Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get your creative juices flowing and release all those ideas that are rolling around, begging to get out. It’ll help you with the basic principles to build an effective marketing plan and be more successful. Get a fresh insight and understanding of how to reach your goals, get your momentum going, and build the following you need to succeed.
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Pamela Ackerson
Pamela Ackerson started writing poems and short stories as a teen. Later, as a young mother, she continued writing children’s stories and poems. Born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life, Pam now lives on the Space Coast of Florida, a hop, skip, and jump from Orlando, where imagination and fantasy abounds. She has three children, all girls, three grandchildren and a wonderful husband. (Obviously, don’t we all say that?) But, it is true, and she will be the first to admit it. He is a wonderful husband, and she has concrete, undeniable proof. She has not plotted his demise… yet.
Pam may have majored in child psychology with a minor in English, but her distinguished choice of careers never made fruition. Instead, life led her to work in restaurants, interior decorating, owned an advertising business, content editor for a publishing house, owned a ballroom dance studio, and real estate investments. Pam is a practicing herbalist and has been involved in the use of natural treatment with raw herbs for almost thirty years. As her day job, she currently works as the V.P. of Marketing and Advertising for the book review magazine, Affaire de Coeur.
I am the Marketing and Advertising Director at Affaire de Coeur Book Review Magazine
If you are an author and are interested in promoting your book or books with the magazine, I will be happy to work with you and do everything I can to make life easier for you. (Rates are very reasonable) or
Let’s be:      Friends/Facebook        Tweet, tweet, tweet on Twitter        Pinterest        Google+         LinkedIn
I make every attempt to friend/follow back on twitter and facebook! Sometimes I miss the follows, email me and let me know if I haven’t followed you in return. Gentlemen, please understand I don’t write romances. I am not interested in starting one. I am quite happy with my husband.
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“Be More Successful with
Marketing and AdvertiZING”

by Pamela Ackerson  for $2.99 at:


Will also be available in print
by the first week of October.

A wonderful book for children and adults – “Wee Three: A Mother’s Love in Verse” by Marta Moran Bishop

Simple Soups and Easy Cakes for your child to make! – Children’s cookbooks by Marika Germanis

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You can find
“I Can Cook Soups – 1
Children’s Cookbook Series”
(Volume 9)
by Marika Germanis at:


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You can find
“I Can Cook Cake Baking
A Children’s Cookbook”
(My Children’s Cookbooks 4)
by Marika Germanis at:


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