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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

“If you want to read a great series this one is one of my favorites! ” – Games We Play (Nice Ink Book 4) by Trish Edmisten

 4 Games we Play

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Everyone else can fall in love and live happily ever after, but Xavier Owens doesn’t plan on doing the same. With a successful business, plenty of friends, and no shortage of willing bed partners, he always thought he had everything he needed. The only thing missing in his life is someone to share his kink, but that’s not going to happen. The last time Xavier let someone into that part of his life left him with a bruised ego and a broken heart. While both have long since mended, he’s not interested in falling in love again. Fate has other plans in the form of sweet and shy Oliver Nice. There’s something about the man that draws Xavier to him like a moth to a flame. Hopefully, this time he won’t get burned.This is a 78K word novel with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. Although it’s part of a series, it can be read as a standalone.

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Christy Reed


Another great book! Love the Nice Ink series! Oliver and X were so great! You get sucked in each story as soon as it starts! I couldn’t put it down! If you want to read a great series this one is one of my favorites! Can’t wait for the next book!

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newmagicofmurder teaserWhen his partner is discovered in a frozen alley with eight bullets in his chest, Niagara Falls Police Detective Roger Frey swears vengeance. But Detective Chief Woodward has forbidden him or anyone else on the detective squad to work the case. Emlyn Goode knows Roger will disobey his boss, which will cost him his job and his freedom. Because she cares for him more than she’ll admit, she needs to stop him. Desperate, she can think of but one way.

Emlyn recently learned she’s a direct descendant of a woman hanged as a witch in 1692. She has a book filled with arcane recipes and chants passed down through her family. Possessed of, or perhaps by a vivid imagination, she intends to use these to solve Jimmy’s murder before Roger takes revenge on the killer. But she’s new to this “witch thing,” and needs help from her friend Rebecca Nurse, whose ancestor also took a short drop from a Salem tree. Rebecca’s not much better at deciphering the ancient directions, and while the women stumble over spell after spell, the number possible killers grows. When Chief Woodward’s wife is shot and a bottle bomb bursts through Emlyn’s window, it becomes clear she’s next on the killer’s list.


Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2018

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The Magic of Murder Kindle Edition



a penny for your thoughts.jpg

February 19, 2018

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In years past, poetry was written and enjoyed by many, today there is the idea, including among some professors, (who I have heard say, they don’t understand poetry.) That insinuates that a good or great poem is something that is indecipherable to most.
I am not one of them, as with great poets, such as Maya Angelou, Robert Stevenson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, there is a story in the poems, a sense of place and emotion flowing through the verses. ‘A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS,’ by Sherrill S. Cannon is one such book.
It is rich in emotion, stories flow through the verses, and tales of love and loss are ripe within its pages. It is a glorious book that should be savored from start to finish and this reader feels that one would have to be devoid of life experience not to find many in this book that do not strike a cord deep inside of them.
Ms. Cannon’s poetry takes on the issues of grief, dying, being the object of idolatry, as, in her poem Pedestal, love, loss, and letting go. A magnificent journey through life.
A few of those that struck a deep chord in me was ‘Pedestals,’ That tells us the tale of someone who is stuck upon a pedestal and cannot become truly human for fear of losing their love. ‘The Real Me,’ that speaks of the little part of oneself that is seldom if ever shown to anyone. ‘To See The Future,’ shows us all that we might lose if we could see the future. For we would no longer be living in the present, the joy, sorrow, love, grief, beauty, and glory of life would be forever shaded with the knowledge of what’s to come. ‘Does Memory Last,’ a question each of us may ponder, when we lose a loved one or are facing death. ‘Old Woman,’ is a poignant look at the young woman that exists in all, under the veil of wrinkles and aging.
There were so many poems in this book that touched cords deeply within me, as to bring smiles to my lips, joy to my heart, thoughtfulness to my mind and grief inside of me.
A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS is an astoundingly, wonderous trip through the thoughts, life, and emotions we all go through in life.
In the pages of this book, everyone will find something that will help them grow or understand themselves better. I highly recommend it.
Image result for SMALL BIRDA SIGN
In the depths of my winter
I heard a small bird—
Braving the cold,
Bringing the word.
He gave my heart hope
As I heard him sing—

Three little notes Promising spring.




“On the Edge of My Seat!!!!” – Recombined (The Irrevocable Series Book 3) by Samantha Jacobey

 Sam recombined 6-2019.jpg

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Bailey Dewitt is on a crash course with Armageddon. Orphaned, she and her young brothers find themselves living with their renegade uncle. Part of a group of survivalists, she is terrified to discover they are preparing for the end of the world! Could they be right – is mankind headed for a global disaster of his own making? While Bailey struggles with that question and what she should do about it, Caleb, a man from the group, becomes her dearest friend and the one person she can trust to love and protect her. When things spiral out of control, will their bond be enough to save the entire community, or will rival forces strip away all that they have worked for at the time they need it most…

Lynn Lawler

On the Edge of My Seat!!!!

Beautiful, charming Bailey, appears to be a confident teen – yet she is a bit of a “people-pleaser”. One of the people most important to please is her mother. Bailey’s outward appearance and upbeat personality cover a darker, more introverted mentality. She holds painful true feelings deep inside – locking her heart away.Early on in the story, something crucial to Bailey is ripped away, leaving her in incredibly stifling – circumstances. Though trapped intently within her private thoughts for what seems to be her whole life – finally, she’s forced to find strength from within and what happens will glue you to the pages of this adventurous story. This character’s rich intensity – gave me literal goose-bumps at times. I really couldn’t put it down.As the story goes along, Bailey’s attitude shifts. It was refreshing to watch her move thru this transition – becoming a resourceful woman who is fearless about doing fighting for her survival in a messed up situation. At the same time, she learns about gratitude and how to appreciate the things most people take for granted.There is a chilling theme within the plot that challenges social boundaries, yet does add to the intrigue and at times, rather disturbing revelations.Suddenly danger looms, affecting millions and time is running out! Bailey faces complicated decisions which need to be made immediately.I found myself pausing at the end of each page, anticipating what was going to happen on the next. In fact, the drama builds as the story goes on, so it is important to read the series of three books in order. I will warn you, there is some violence, but it is not domineering.The author painted Bailey’s thoughts so precisely that I could easily view the world from behind her eyes. I applaud the author for creating such an energetic and independent young woman, as opposed to some of the weaker characters I’ve read in other books. This character encouraged me and gave me hope that I too, one day, may be as fearless as she. If you love strong women, you’re going to love Bailey as much as I do.I loved this book and am shouting out for you to read it!

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Devin and Mona become engaged, to everyone’s delight, except Sean’s – Ours: Book IV of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony

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Mona Tyler decided she was going to be best the personal assistant ever trained.
After her year-long preparation with agent/manager/producer extraordinaire Barney Howell, he places her with hot and sexy actor Sean Andrews. While working with Sean at his home, Mona meets handsome and equally sexy Devin Reynolds, a member of Sean’s landscaping team, who wants nothing more than to be with Mona.
Devin and Mona become engaged, to everyone’s delight, except Sean’s; he waited too long to make a play for Mona. After a fight with Devin, Mona and Sean are intimate, and soon, she finds herself pregnant, and all three anxiously wait to see which man can say with Mona, ‘the baby is OURS.’

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Lauren M. Sapala

March 21, 2018

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I was more than pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up loving this book. I don’t often read Middle Grade fantasy (or much Middle Grade at all, to be honest) so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But I can confidently say that The Last Timekeepers is a series that will probably appeal to you no matter how old you are. It’s that perfect mix of real world humor and pure escapism into an alternate reality, plus there’s a good bit of historical fiction thrown in (which I always love).

The Last Timekeepers are made up of a fun cast of five kids and two adults who are thrown together due to circumstance and destiny. They are given the extremely important role of making sure that history unfolds as it should and that everything stays cool with the timeline. I love, love, LOVE time travel stories, so I was already well on board with this theme, but I found myself truly pulled into the story because of the wonderful way the characters were drawn. The story itself has a lot of funny parts to it and a lot of the dialogue is downright hilarious. I could totally see real kids talking to each other like this. I was also completely charmed by the two adults who accompany them. John, a brilliant archaeologist, and Melody, a good-witch type of character.

Overall this is just an awesome book and I’m really looking forward to diving into the rest of the series. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Middle Grade fiction, Middle Grade fantasy, or anything to do with time travel.