Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Once Upon a Time… Prince Christophe can’t die – Charming: A Crown and Dagger Book One (The Never Lands Saga 1) by Andi Lawrencovna

Andi Charming 4

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Once Upon a Time… Prince Christophe can’t die. Or, more precisely, if he dies, so does his country. But that hasn’t stopped the King from hosting a ball. And it hasn’t stopped Kit’s enemies from seeking a quick end between the quadrille and the waltz. The Children of the Wood hold out hope that their Assassin Queen will fulfill the prophecy and end Kit’s life. But when Ella vies for the prince’s attention, it’s not a knife that pierces his heart or her own. One waltz at a ball. One trip of a slipper. One Prince. And one Assassin. In the world of the Never Lands, Fairy Tales aren’t quite like you remember.
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LJ Vickery
Charming was all that and more!!
A wondrous tale and not your typical romance, so have patience!! In this age of instant gratification, Ms.Lawrencovna has given us a story of detailed intrigue which patiently reveals its answers in rich backstory. Don’t think that all your questions will be immediately resolved. Using great skill, the author weaves a tapestry that eventually rewards with a satisfyingly sigh-worthy result. I immediately downloaded book two, and can’t wait to dig in!!
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