Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Ending in V by Michael Bussa – #DarkHumor

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A dark and humorous, albeit, twisted story of two opposites on their sixth anniversary. They should never have married. Violet is submerged in fantasy and denial. She is blindly in love with Gideon who cannot bear to breathe in the same room with her. She manages her day in the ignorance of bliss, an element of the marriage that only she knows. Gideon is in torment every moment of each passing day. He finally realizes that it must end if he is to be free to search for his own happiness. What will he do?
Line my review
Viv Drewa
Dark and funny!
As I read “Ending in V” I pictured two actors in a Hitchcock fashion TV show. It was fantastic!
I felt Gideon was justified in what he planned even though I do not know why he actually felt that way. Bussa’s writing did not need it! He expertly showed the anger Gideon had, and that was enough.
I highly recommend this fascinating short story!

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