Monday, February 5, 2018

“This series has grabbed onto me more than I expected it too.” – “Retained” (The Irrevocable Series Book 3) by Samantha Jacobey

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Are Preppers Eccentric or Truly On To Something
This series has grabbed onto me more than I expected it too. I haven’t honestly given a lot of thought to “prepper” scenarios, and wasn’t sure I would enjoy reading about it – until I got the first book in this series, and Bailey, Caleb and the rest of the Ranch crew got under my skin. Ms. Jacobey has done a magnificent job of bringing Bailey from her upscale, typical self-centered teen life to a whole new world, and a complete change of priorities and world view.In this installment Bailey has a number of new realities to face, both in her own life and in the things going on in the world as a whole. Though she has grown so much in a very short time, we are reminded that she is still just a teenage girl in many of her actions. They definitely have their own sense of logic at that age – something the author fully grasps and relays to the reader.I read another review that says there was not much going on in this second book of the trilogy. I have to respectfully disagree – I think that is part of the flow of a trilogy, and feel that this was all vital to set the stage for what is to play out in the final book of this series. I cannot wait to see how Samantha brings it all together from here!
Sam Retained 2

(The Irrevocable Series Book 2)
by Samantha Jacobey
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