Tuesday, March 24, 2020

AURORAS SONG A paranormal novella of spirits and legends. CHERIME MACFARLANE

Algen is finally home after spending most of her teen years, and young adulthood in Washington State. She has never been clear on the reason she got sent to live with her father’s relatives. But she has a job she loves and can finally live in the place she loves. The Aurora Borealis fascinates her; Algen has missed the lights and winter terribly. The Grannies want her to be careful. Should she be wary of the new hire at the native corporation? She’s sure if he gets too close, her heart will be in grave danger. The cultural anthropologist is pursuing her with the single-mindedness of a big predator. Gunrik is too smart, too much of a hunk, far too tempting and can’t stay in her little backwater in rural Alaska.

Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2016
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
"Just like that Gunrik walked into my life..."

Yes, but this is more than a love story. Aurora's Song is a mystical journey and a piece of Alaska's history told through the eyes of Algen, the intrepid heroine. Gunrik, her handsome but mysterious new neighbor, is also enmeshed in the culture and lore of the Sami and Athabaskan people. As usual, Ms. MacFarlane creates believable characters and draws from personal experience to bring the frigid Alaskan wilderness to life. Granny Alva Mae and Granny DeDe add color and flavor to the novel.

When Algen goes all Julie Andrews at the Aurora Borealis, she discovers that she should have heeded the old superstitions about not "calling" the Northern Lights. Her beguiling voice attracts more than she bargained for...and Algen has her night of reckoning.

Like Cherime MacFarlane's other books, I thoroughly enjoyed this imaginative and unique story. Put a song in my heart, for sure!


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