Tuesday, March 24, 2020

“Couldn’t put it down!” – Chasing Dreams by Angel Gray

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Line Blurb
Jolie survived the stalker. The man who kidnapped her, not only damaged her physically, he wrenched away the dream she worked toward for most of her childhood. Broken and terrified of men, her mother takes Jolie to live with her father, president of a motorcycle club. They never caught the monster, with the club around her Jolie should be safe.
He‘s seen nothing like her before. Hunter understands Jolie is too young, and he has his own dream to chase. How can he resist the blonde with the face of an angel? He must or the prez might kill him. Kissing Jolie might be the biggest mistake of his life.
Line review
Couldn’t put it down!
Loved this novel! It was easy to get into and the story kept me wanting more. Very well written.
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