Tuesday, March 17, 2020

“This was an amazing story full of romance and a chance encounter.” – Evangeline: A Christmas Romance by Angela Gray

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Ten long years since she arrived in New York from Canada. Ten years since she ran away from what she thought would be her future. Forced to go home to escape a nasty situation, Evangeline comes face to face with her past and the one person that she never wanted to see. Shane is there, and it seems he isn’t ready to back down this time. Things are getting hot in chilly Canada.
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Viv Drewa
I loved this story!
This was an amazing story full of romance and a chance encounter.
Evangeline hasn’t seen her family for Christmas for 10 years and because of problems in her New York office decides to go home to Canada. On the way, a snowstorm hits and she stays at a hotel until the storm is over.
One reason she didn’t want to go home and she was afraid she would run into her ex-boyfriend.
She runs into much more.
I highly recommend this book!
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