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“Read Carson Renos books!” – “Justifiable Homicide” (Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 12) by Gerald W. Darnell

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All Carson Reno Mystery Series Books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.
After a night of drinking, she wakes up in a hotel room with a dead man but claims no memory of the previous night’s events. However, a gun found in the hotel room was used for another murder – used to kill a lawyer at the local Drive Inn Theater. Then…things get worse!
The murder gun belongs to his client’s husband and has her fingerprints all over it. The dead lawyer was blackmailing her and witnesses saw her at both murder scenes.
Interesting and dangerous characters surface, and somehow events from World War Two are playing a part in the mystery. To prove his client innocent, Carson must unravel a complex blackmail scheme and explain a few murders.
Follow Carson as he chases clues trying to solve this old fashion murder mystery. A mystery that has everyone looking the wrong way. This is an unusual case for Carson – a case of Justifiable Homicide.

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5-star review
Read Carson Renos books!
Recently read justifiable homicide and didn’t want to put it down! It’s a good light hearted mystery and you want to keep reading to see what he is going to do next! I have started another one and would like to read all of them! The way he writes makes you feel like you are right there with him! Once you start reading you keep reading to find out what. Carson will do next. Just start with one and. I know you will read another and another! That’s what. I want to do!! Really enjoy this book and enjoying the second one!!!
Ger Justifiable Homicide

“Justifiable Homicide”
(Carson Reno Mystery
Series Book 12)
by Gerald W. Darnell
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