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“My Favorite, So Far” – “Entwined” (A New Life Book 3) by Samantha Jacobey

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My Favorite, So Far
This is how good the author is – she got me to read all three books (thus far) in a day and a half because I ended up staying up late late late to get as far as I could. This third in the series is my favorite, so far. It was really good to relax a bit with the heroine as she continues to grow and learn how to function in a world she knew nothing about. She is wise in so many ways and still innocent in others as she goes about setting up her *normal* life.
She hooks up with the hero (in this book) and here is the author’s gifting – about halfway through, you begin to feel your heart start to pound a little faster in anticipation because you KNOW the other shoe is about to drop. Nothing tells you that as you live with the heroine’s day-to-day activities but the author has written in “looming doom” without you even realizing it. As you’re reading along, you are actually waiting… waiting… because it is coming. You know it. It “almost” ruins the story because you want to skip ahead and see what happens so you can calm down and enjoy the story – but you don’t. You force yourself to take it one page at a time.
Sure there is another stinking cliffhanger. And sure it makes you go “grrr” because you have invested so much time in this amazing story, but if you are like me, you will tell yourself that you are willing to wait until JUNE for the 4th book. I don’t wanna wait, but unfortunately, I HAVE TO KNOW what is going to happen. Maybe I will wait until the entire series is written because it IS hard to read one book every few months hoping nothing happens to stop the continuation of the story.
Yep, obviously, the author hooked me, for sure.
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Sam entwined

(A New Life Book 3) 
by Samantha Jacobey
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